Monday, July 20, 2009

Another Bengali Delicacy - Mutton Chaap


After a long weekend we have started another week , that means another hetrick schedule . We enjoyed this long weekend very much (doing nothing) . I wake up at 11 o'oclok every day & by the time I realise the weekend was over . But I made some delicious recipes over this time .Those will come one by one in each posts . One of them was Mutton Chaap .
This is a traditional bengali recipe , spicy & very delicious .


1. 750 gm Mutton or lamb .
2. 250 gms Onions chopped .
3. 2 -3 tsp ginger-gerlic paste .
4. 1 tsp turmeric powder .
5. 5-6 green chili paste (use as per your taste).
6. 2 tsp rose water .
7. 2 tsp Keora water .
8. 5-6 tsp oil .
9. 200gm char magog paste / poppy seed paste .
10. Salt .
11. Sugar .
12. 2 bay leaf .

Ingredients for masala powder :-

1. 5 green cardamom
2. 5 black cardamom .
3. 3 stick of cinnamon
4. 10-12 black cardamom ,
5. 4 aniseed ,
6. 4 bay leaf,
7. 7-8 cloves ,
8. 1 tsp shahi jeera
9. 4 red chillis


Method :-

1. In a kadai add the Ingredients of masala powder . Roast them & make a powder in a blender .
2. Clean the mutton & mix salt, green chilli paste , ginger-gerlic paste. Keep it for 2-3 hours.
3. Now heat oil in a pressure cooker. Add bay-leaves and one teaspoon sugar. When sugar become caramalized add the onions .
4. Fry the onions till soft & raw smell go . Add the marinated mutton. Do not add water.
5. Fry for 10 min till the mutton pieces well coated with the masala .
6. Now add char mogog paste & fry for another 5 min .
7. When oil start leaving the sides of the cooker , close the lead . Steam for 8 minutes.
8. After that open the cooker and add the masala powder , rose water and keora water. Cook for another 5 min . Remove from the heat , cover and let it simmer for another 5 min . Now delicious mutton chaap is ready & serve hot with some roti or naan .


Vani said...

The curry looks delicious, Dolon!

Gita Jaishankar said...

This curry looks so thick and that platter :)

Pooja said...

Wow looks spicy and delicious! I have had this only once at a Bengali restaurant. Never tried making it though.

Shama Nagarajan said...

yummy delicious recipe dear

Pavithra Elangovan said...

Wow thats really tempting platter..looks mouthwatering.. said...

My hubby loves mutton but I don't make mutton at home :(
Heis waiting to go to India to have some good mutton. Your recipe is nice

Sharmila said...

Ekei ekhane bhalo mutton payi na ... tar opor tomar darun recipe ... ki torture je korcho Dolon! :-)
Plate ta tule nite icche korche. :-)

Doloncookbook said...

@ Vani , Gita , : Thanks dear .

@ Pooja : Try it at home , tastebetter than resturent .

@ Shama Nagarajan & pavithra : Thanks for the lovely comments .

@ Smitha : Same in my house . My husband also love mytton very much . This is his request ...

@ Sharmila : No proble , you can take that . Kolkatai ekon bhalo mutton paoa jai na ? Ki jani amader barite to mutton hoi na , amer baba er heart er problem ache ..

Vrinda said...

Great recipe...gravy looks rich and creamy..lov the color....

Doloncookbook said...

@ Vrinda : Thanks dear ...

Indian Khana said...

Ur chaap is reminding me Delhi's famous Kareem's dishes...looks so yum....and that's delicious platter

Sudeshna said...

Liked the recipe Dolon. Came here from your comment in one of Bong Mom's posts. Its heartening to see the community of Bengali Food Bloggers growing. I have a site on bengalicuisine too. :)

I've added a feed to your site and would come back here often.


Vikis Kitchen said...

That mutton curry with the roti tempts me a lot. Ur weekend schedule is just fantastic :)

Unknown said...

Sounds delicious with rotis!

Doloncookbook said...

@ Priti : Thanks for those lovely words dear .

@ Sudeshna : Thanks for stopping by & for such lovely comments dear ... Hope to see you again ...

@ Viki's kitchen : Thanks dear .. Every weekend is the same routine for me .. after long tirering weekdays I don't want to do anything on weekend ...

@ Divya Vikram : Thanks dear for liking ....

Sudeshna said...

Tomar post ta amar kasha mangshor post e "further reading"-e dilam, hope you don't mind that

Unknown said...

Hi Dolon
I am a bengali guy,married to a punjabi, but my wife doesnt like bengali food, she says our food are very blunt, tell me some spicy veg bengali dish that I can cook for my wife.

Unknown said...

Hi Dolon
I am a bengali guy,married to a punjabi, but my wife doesnt like bengali food, she says our food are very blunt, tell me some spicy veg bengali dish that I can cook for my wife.

Rajshankar said...

The Mutton Chap was out of the world.

Thank you for this recipe.

Raj Shankar