Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bombay Biriyani & My First Post For Event


Couple of days back when I visited Nags food blog , I came to know that she is hosting Meeta's Monthly Mingle Event : Ravishing Rice . Since this is a new blog & I never send any recipe for any event .I thought to send one recipe for this event . So this weekend I made Bombay Biriyani . Biriyani is all time favourite food at our home & is alaways hit .

& at the meantime I came to know that in Viki's kitchen also one event is going on " The Potluck - Chicken " . So I am sending this recipe to Viki's Kitchen also .

Here is the recipe :-


Ingrediants :

1. 500-750gms Chicken , small cubes with bones .
2. 500gms Basmati Rice washed & soacked for 30 mins .
3. 3 tsp ginger-gerlic paste .
4. 5 medium onion finely sliced .
5. 3 Medium tomatoes chopped .
6. 3 medium potatoes peeled & halfed
7. 1 cup plain youghut
8. 3 tsp ghee
9. 5 tsp oil
10. 5 tsp biriyani masala ( homemade / Shan / Mehran / any other )
11. Handful coriender leave
12. Handful pudina leave
13. Handful cashew nuts
14. 2 tsp rose water
15. 2 tsp kewra water
16. 4 Green chillis slited
17. Whole garam masala ( cinnamon , green cardamom , black cardamom , aniseed , bay leaf, cloves , shahi jeera ).
18. Salt
19. 4 tsp milk
20. pinch of saffron
21. 3 tsp lemon juice


Method :

1. Fry the onions in oil until golden . Keep them separate .

2. Now in a heavy bottom pan add the whole garam masala . Now add the onion & potatoes, fry till golden brown .

3. Add tomatoes & fry till the oil separates .

4. Add meat , ginger , gerlic , youghut & the biriyani masala . Fry for 15min .

5. Now add 2 cups water & cook on low heat until meat is tender . Then increase the heat & stir fry until oil separates from the gravy .

6. Separately in 10 glasses of hot water add whole garam masala & salt . Now add the soak rice . When the rice 3/4 cooked , remove from heat & throughly drain the water .

7. In a cup mix milk & saffron , keep for 30 min .

8. Now in a heavy bottom vessel spread the cooked meat & curry . Put thr rice over it & make layers . In between every layers add fried onion , chopped coriender , chopped pudina , cashew nut , rose water , kewra water , saffron , slited green chilles & lemon juice .

9. Cover the pot with the aluminium foil or with the lid .

10. Let it cook on slow heat for 30min . Remove from the heat & your delicious "Bombay Biriyani" is ready to serve . We had ours with fried Papad , raita & salad .

Note : If you will close the layered pot with lid then place the atta dough around the ild . It helps biriyani to cook properly & make more delicious .
Make the dough as you make for chapati .


Padma said...

Delicious biryani Dolon and nice entry for the event :)

Raks said...

Cool blog here and love ur template :)

Briyani looks great!

Ann said...

Your picture remains me of the Hotel Lucky in bandra- bombay -Its SOOOOOO famous for biriyani. And your dish looks as tempting as there's even for a non-meat person like me :)

Unknown said...

Lovely Biriyani Dolon... Mumbai biriyani is called somthing spicy I think... and yours look yummy too...

Gita Jaishankar said...

Wow...such a tempting briyani...looks so delicious :)

Pooja said...

What a delicious biriyani Dolon! Perfect entry for the events!

Finla said...

Congragulations on taking part on your first blog event.
And that biriyani looks so so yummy delicous. It is one of my favourite dish.

amna said...

Thanks so much for the lovely entry :)

kittymatti said...

it has come out really well! I love the presentation!

suvi said...

now THAT is one yummy biryani!!

Jyoti said...

This looks so tempting !

ARUNA said...

this looks so tempting!!!!

Vibaas said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and your lovely comment. You have a wonderful blog with yummy recipes :)