Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ilish Maach Bhapa - A Bengali Delight


I love to eat fish .... mostly ilish maach & chingri maach ( Shrimps ) .
We bengalis eat them by frying with Kichuri or Hilsa paturi ( cooked in a banana leaf with some spices ) or hilsa jhol or hilsa bhapa .But my fabourite one is my mom's version of Hilsa Bhapa ....It was one of my favourite food from my moms place . Here in Dubai , I sometimes get those ilish maach . & yesterday when I got some of them I quickly grab them .So I made some ilish bhapa for dinner . Here is the recipe :

Ingredients :

1. Ilish Maach - 750 gms ( approx 5-6 pcs )
2. 3 tsp Mustard Seeds
3. 4-5 green chillies
4. 1/2 tsp turmeric powder
5. 3 tsp Poppy Seeds
6. salt to taste
7. 3-4 tsp Mustard Oil
8. 3-4 tsp water


Method :

1. First make a paste with poppy seed , Mustard Seeds & 3 green chillies.
2. clean & wash the ilish maach pieces properly .
3. In a stainless steel tiffin box or small pot with lid put the fish pieces , the masala paste , salt , turmeric , oil , 2 slit green chillis & water( don't put much water otherwise it will become more watery ) .
4. now close the lid of the container .
5. In a heavy bottom vessel/kadai add some water & place the container in the middle of the pot . Make sure that the water should not reach till the container lid .
6. Put the gas on low & let it bring to the boil . Let it boil for 20-25min .
7. Put the gas off & carefully take out the stainless steel tiffin box /container out from the kadai ( as the stainless steel tiffin box /container will be hot ) .
8. let it be for 5 min for simmer & serve warm with hot rice .


Finla said...

Thankyou for wisitng my place.
I love fish dishes and this looks really yummy delcious.

lubnakarim06 said...

First time recipe sounds spicy and yum......

Bong Mom said...

Bhapa looks great, we make it almost similar, sometimes I also put it in the oven

Jaya M said...

Dolon this looks great..

Unknown said...

Thank you for this very tasty looking recipe. The cooking in the tin is something we have never done? interesting. would make a nice presentation too. Good to be foodie friends. Thanks, s

indosungod said...

Fish is my favorite and this looks absolutely delicious. I am just learning the Bengali way of cooking fish. Thanks for stopping by.

Suparna said...

hi Dolon,
Thanks for ur visit at my blog hope to c u often.
U have some nice homely recipes. I love Ilish bhaapa, the snaps are very tempting.

Jyoti said...

Thanks for stopping by my website ! This dish looks intersting. Looking forward to more recipes from your blog !

Doloncookbook said...

Thanks you all for visiting my blog & those lovely comments ..

@ Happy cook : Thanks dear .

@ Kitchen Flavours : I love your blog . thanks for stopping here .

@ Bong Mom : I never tried in oven . Will try for sure . Thanks .

@ Jaya : Thanks & take care ..

@ S. Stockwell : Yes try some day . I hope you will like that . Thanks .

@ Indosungod : I am same like you . Bengalis make fish by diffrent style . thanks for stopping in my blog . Take care . bye .

@ Suparna : Yes I love to cook homely recipe . your blog is very beautiful . Thanks ...

@ Jyoti : Thanks for the comment . Do visit again . Take care .

Unknown said...

Hi first time to your blog.You have a very nice place. fish curry loos spicy and yum and dal looks so creamy yum yum recipe s I think you are in Dubai na I am in Abudhabi.

Indian Khana said...

Umm looks yummy and tempting...1st time here and you have nice blog

Sharmila said...

An all time favorite. :-)

ARUNA said...

this is an awesome dish, looks very appealing to me!

Manju said...

thanks for visitin my blog! the fish looks great. Loved your dal makhani also.

aruna said...

hi...looks really yummy...nice to see ur blog..keep it up...cud u please post mishti doi(or dohi) recepi..its one of the best bengali desserts..i ever ate..thanks in advance...

Varsha Vipins said...

First time here Dolon..grt space..I love bengali dishes..esply fish ones..n these are just yummy..:)

Doloncookbook said...

@ Rekhas Kitchen : Thanks for visiting & liking my site . Yes I am from Dubai & also noticed that u r from Abu Dhabi . Will meet some day .

@ Priti : Thanks for visiting & liking the blog . Hope to see u again .

@ Sharmila : Thanks . Hope to see u soon .

@ Aruna : Thanks for liking bengali dish . Will post Misti Doi recipe soon . This is favourite itm of mine also .

@ Superchef : Thanks for liking . Ur blog is also have very good foods . Hope to see u again here .

@ Varsa Vipins : Thanks for liking bengali dishes & the blog . Yes bengali likes fish & so am I .

Now thanks to all of you fellow blogger for visiting my blog & posting so many good comments .
You guys encouraged me a lot .