Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Dinner Invitation & Some Chinese Food ....


I love Chinese food & I think most of the people also love it . Couple of days back one of my friend came to our house . She have a 4 year old cute little baby girl . She loves chinese . She don't like to eat rice or dal or vegetables . She loves chinese . Her mom have to make chinese food every time she cooks . So when they came to our house for dinner I have to make sure that I cooked chinese food . At least one dish . So I made Gobi Manchurian . This is my husband's one of the favourite food also . So here is the recipe :-


Ingredients :-

1. 1 Medium size cauliflower .
2. 1" piece of ginger
3. 5 pod garlic
4. 1 medium red onion
5. 1-2 capsicum
6. 3-4 green chilles
7. 3 tsp tomato sauce
8. 3 tsp saya sauce
9. 3 tsp flour
10.3 tsp cornflour
11. 1/2 tsp red chilli powder
12. salt to taste
13. 1/2c water
14. 3 tsp Oil
15. 1 tsp aginamoto ( optional )

Method :-

1. Cut the cauliflower into small size flourets .Cut the onion & capsicum in small size pieces .

2. Now grind ginger , garlic in a food processor till smooth .

3. In another pot mix flour ,cornflour, salt & red chilli powder . Add little water & make a smooth batter .

4. Now put the cauliflower pieces in the batter & coat properly .

5. In a heavy bottom vessel add oil . When oil become hot add the cauliflower pieces & fry them till brown . Remove from the oil & place them in a paper towel to sock the excess oil .

6. In that same oil add ginger-garlic paste , fry for 2 min .

7. Now add the onion & capsicum . Fry in slow heat with occassional Stir to avoid from sticking to the bottom . Add the tomatoes .

7. Once onion & capsicum start caramalise add tomato sauce & soya sauce . Fry for another 3-4 min . Add aginamoto & salt .

8. Now add 1/2 cup water & bring it to boil .

9. Once start boiling add the cauliflower pieces .When gravy become thick remove from heat & serve hot with some fried rice & fresh salad .

Note : If you feel the gravy is too watery , mix 1tsp cornflour in the gravy .The gravy will become thick .


Finla said...

We call it cauliflower manchurain which i loves it too andthis looks so so yummy delcious.
My daughter was opposite, she only likes rice in indian food and chicken curyy now veg

Jyoti said...

This looks so delicious ! Gobi Manchurian is my favorite. Will try your version next time.

Suparna said...

wow dolon lovely dish! you've made it like the restaurant type :)nice click

Lena Jayadev said...

Dolon..This looks absolute yumm.. :)

Gita Jaishankar said...

Hi...thank you very much for stopping by my blog. Thats a gorgeous dish. I love these types of food...yum :)

Pooja said...

Wow gobi manchurian is my all time favourite! Yours is perfect and so tempting that I feel like grabbing the dish!

Unknown said...

This is one of my faves, looks really inviting and yum !

lubnakarim06 said...

Oh wow that's an aromatic curry...looks yum...

Uma said...

Gobi Manchurian looks absolutely delicious!! :)

ST said...

Looks absolutely delish!!Yummmy Yummyyyyyy....Gobi manchurian is my favorite one....

Sharmila said...

This is a good veggie chinese dish! Liked your chicken curry too. :-)

Unknown said...

Hello... dolon...thanks for visiting my blog... tumio bengali jene na daroon anondo holo...tomar blog tao daroon...
and overall,
Gobi Manchurian looks also delightful...and yummy.

kittymatti said...

this is a sure treat to the eyes and taste buds..looks soo good! Lovely recipe dolon

sangeeta said...

that gobi manchurian looks inviting ....thanks Dolon for visiting my blog........tomar naam shunei jenegiechhilam je tumi kolkatar meye....tomar blog ta khub bahlo laglo....keep in touch.

Indian Khana said...

Looks delicious...hope your guest must be happy..

Ann said...

Gobi Manchurian is looking so good. I would love this with some fried rice or plain rice :)) super tempting.

Kalyani said...

Hi Dolon .. thanks for visiting my blog ... Manchurian looks delicious & tempting pictures ..........

Doloncookbook said...

@ Happy cook : Thanks dear . yes children are having different tastes , likes & dislikes than adults .

@ Jyoti : Thanks . Try & tell me you liked or not .

@ Suparna : Thanks for the comment .

@ Lena Rashmin Raj : Thank you for visiting & liking .

@ Gita : Your blog is vegy nice . thanks for coming here & liking it . Hope to see you again .

@ Pooja : Thanks for the nice comment . Yes you can have some .

@ Usha : Thanks dear for stopping by . You are alaways welcome .

@ Kitchen Flavours : Thanks .

@ Uma : Thanks to you too .

@ Sireesha : Thanks for spotting & your comment . Hope to see you again .

@ Sharmila : Thanks dear . I have tried your Vegetable pancakes . It came perfect . thanks for the recipe dear .

@ Pinky : Do you know my nick name is also Pinky . Thanks blog ta bhalo lager jonno . Tomer blog tao darun sundor . Asha kori abar asbe .

@ Kittymatti : Yes it was a good treat for our taste buds .

@ sangeeta : You are most welcome .. thanks for stopping . Tomer bhalo legeche jene khub bhalo laglo . Hope to see you again .

@ Priti : Yes everybody liked it & my husband also ( a big food critic )...

@ Ann : Yes we had ours with some fried rice . Thanks .

@ Kalyani : Thanks for the comments .

@ Priti :